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Mobile Device Repair

We repair most part of cell phones we have in the market and we can solve hardware and software problems

Laptop & Desktop Repair

We can solve Laptop and desktop software and hardware problems, and we can install new components for you.

Internet Repair & Installation

We install and repair any internet connection, if you need to expand your internet signal or want more guests connected.

Backup & Data Recovery

If you need backup all your data or recovery lost data from old hard drive, do not forget to contact us.

Gaming & Personalized Computer

The best computer for gamers or if you need a render computer for Graphic Design or other type of job.

Printer & Other Devices Setup

If you have a printer or other devices you need to set up we can do that for you fast and easily, Try to Contact Us.

About Us

Hello, we are a company that is part of the Johnstons Group, and we are located in Loulé, Almancil, Algarve - Southern Portugal since 2013, being previously located in the city of Lagos. We offer services such as formatting and repairing computers and laptops, installing and maintaining networks, installing and configuring components and devices, we take care of your data and recover if it is lost and we also set up and configure customized computers to suit our customers, whether this for games or for professional use in specific areas. To get in touch with us is very simple, just scroll our website to fill out the Schedule Now form, or call us through the phone number that is located the footer (at the bottom of the page). If you want we can contact you, just fill a small form in the header (top of our page) Let us get in touch with you. So if you need some of these services among others in the area of technology (IT), do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to serve you and meet your expectations.

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Our Areas of work

  • Computer And Laptop Repair
  • Internet Install and Repair
  • Backup and Data Recovery